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Our delivery teams are customer service professionals, highly trained in furniture assembly, who fully understand their role as the chosen delivery representatives of the retailer and the final piece in the jigsaw of the end consumer’s purchase experience.

An unrivalled customer service experience is therefore guaranteed!

The home delivery service provided by Home & Retail may be defined thus:

  1. Delivery to the consumer’s room of choice;
  2. Unpacking the goods;
  3. Removal of all packaging (disposed of in line with PPWD 94/62/EC);
  4. Expert assembly of goods in line with the retailer’s requirements;
  5. Exchange of goods as required;
  6. Collection of goods as required for return to supplier, disposal etc.

Customer satisfaction is monitored via customer survey text messages, which are forwarded to the consumer after each home delivery.


All goods are tracked from the point of collection or receipt to the point of delivery via HOME & RETAIL's bespoke computer system.

This information is available to retailers, suppliers and manufacturers via a dedicated Customer Access website (

There is an order placing facility (Create Delivery or Collection) and all updates are in real-time, thereby providing global information, such as stock levels, and order-specific information to our customers all times. Automated reports may also be set-up to suit the customer’s management information requirements.

It is envisaged however that our computer system will be developed in the medium term to provide the required tracking information to all stakeholders, including the consumer.

File Data Transfer

HOME & RETAIL prefer to receive the detail of orders for delivery by electronic data interface (EDI).

HOME & RETAIL's preferred file format is CSV file, however the data import system may be customised to support other file formats, such as:

  1. TXT – text file (ASCII, ANSI, UTF-8);
  2. XLS – MS Excel; and
  3. XML.

Order file transfer may be achieved in a number of ways:

  1. Email – a dedicated email address is created for the retailer and HOME & RETAIL's system automatically extracts and imports the required information from an attached file;
  2. HOME & RETAIL's FTP – an account for the retailer is created on HOME & RETAIL's FTP server and the system periodically checks for files and imports them; and
  3. Retailer’s FTP – HOME & RETAIL's system connects periodically to the retailer’s FTP, checks for file and imports them.

Data integration with HOME & RETAIL is invariably a swift and seamless process and takes between 7 and 14 days. If dictated by the customer’s operational requirements however, it can be condensed into a few days.

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